Mario Prison

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Mario Prison

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Mario got caught by bowser or some goomba or whatev and now he's in a correctional facility. his lawyer was unable to appeal whatever charge he was brought under so now Mario has to say slime the police

i'm submitting this for the make a really hard but fun game challenge here: the problem is that this game is really hard but also i had to rush it to meet the deadline so like, the end levels are kind of weird and frustrating.

uhhh good luck.

also a guide for the intro because i know this is gonna trip people up with my wacky slime level design: get the mushrooms from the mushroom pot on the bottom right most door when you activate the prison break siren. now use your penis to break the bricks on the left part of the screen and get that star at the top and then you can goto the prison hub have fun[/url]

EDIT: after i uploaded it i found a bug. whenever you get a star in the prison you'll appear in a random room in the original intro stage for some reason and you wont be able to enter the main hub. when this happens just kill yourself (there should be plenty of hazards wherever you spawn)
i'll fix the bug but it's not gamebreaking in the slightest so dont worry
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