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A supercorporation called the United Aerospace Corps travels the stars with superior military force and finds a planet, deemed "Tei Tenga", that contains strong energy-readings. Upon inspection and the discovery of a mine-able, combustible energy source called "Fire Dust", they come across two sets of ancient stone doorways completely equidistant from each other on the surface of the planet, at its two northern and southernmost poles.

Experiments are held and attempts to open them are made, resulting in a major outbreak of a long-forgotten evil. The invasion spills out to the remaining safe places on the planet and the only hope to combat them resides in a group of four of the UAC's top marines in the Alpha Team.
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-*\\Intro Skippable//*-

-Bug fixed where player gets stuck in Depot Area 2's entry door, prohibits movement.

-Fallout-like Stat system removed.