Back to Basics Collection 1: Save the Princess

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Back to Basics Collection 1: Save the Princess

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This is my first game in my Back to Basics Collection, it features the cliche is saving a princess. However, she is ultimately not savable in the current state of the game, so sad for her...

In all seriousness, this is a standard fantasy RPG game with elements inspired from the Dragon Warrior game on the original Nintendo. It is by no means a copy/clone or any like Dragon Warrior, so please do not call it that Dragon Warrior game, because it's nothing like it! If you enjoyed that game, you may or may not enjoy this.

In it's current state, it is playable with many side-quests fully operation and NPC dialogs fully there. Only the first area of the world has enemy encounters, however the towns in these areas are also fully populated, you just don't be fighting anything along the way. So to that effect, the game becomes super easy once you hit level 10 or so, or just buy the better weapons and armor. The final product will not be like this, so before judging anything about how there are no monster encounters after a certain point, take into account that this is an unfinished product. With that being said, the game is purposely unlocked, so feel free to add more monsters on your own if you want to add more challenge.

Also, this game uses no plotscripts whatsoever, and that is the ultimate goal of the Back to Basics Collection, is to use no plotscripts, so please also don't judge or comment about how something could have been plotscripted! I know how to plotscript and program in many languages rather well, I took it as a challenge to create an RPG game with no plotscripting at all. Please read the forum thread to learn a more:

Feel free to post any questions or comments you might have to that forum thread.

Graphics credit goes to: FnrrfYgmSchnish ... rites.html
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