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Ep1cQuest is a long-term project based on a huge storyline made to be adapted into a game or a series of games. Now, Ep1cQuest's game philosophy revolves around combining all the characters and feelings with interactivity and challenging puzzles.

And now, I'm introducing the first game ever released, to SlimeSalad!

Ep1cQuest - Proem Pack is a game which intends to tell the start of various stories, and the past of several characters. It is based in telling lots of things that happen before year 2021, the year where this game's future sequel happens.

Information about release 0.1.0:

+ Demonstrative release which aims to show a bit of the game's style and plotscripting complexity.
+ Test Aenel mechanics: Play the card game against a yet slightly smart opponent. Instructions for gameplay are included in-game.
+ The AI is still very simple but it is appreciable.
+ Get a rough taste of the music. (Everything but Liebestraume No. 3 is a remix by me or a original song.)
+ During gameplay, press ESC to open the menu.
+ Comes with a .rpg file and its scripts, so you can see other things not directly available in this release.

? Thief and Ace cards do not work yet. Money functions are disabled because they aren't relevant yet.
? There is currently a very bizarre glitch where the engine will not render cards correctly after you or your opponent obtained a matching card. I still don't know why this happens. The glitch only causes graphical problems but will not affect gameplay itself.
? As the information in the left part of the screen is printed via strings... Menus and choice boxes are blocked by the strings...
? The next release will implement all the missing things and will come with a testing version of Ep1cQuest Handbook, a lightweight program for player assistance during gameplay which requires no internet and is application-based. After that, I'll get to building the actual story mode, so you will understand who Enzo Fox an Devon Fox are.


The game is starting:

The mysterious glitch (Note that the opponent actually has a card in slot#1, but it is not rendered...)...:

The other glitch, which probably won't be fixed very soon...:

Download a .zip from my website here (...Something tells me I'm not doing the download part correctly...):

Also, I appreciate feedback! Thank you!
PostPosted: Sat Sep 28, 2013 11:48 pm