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A complete, illustrated manual explaining the game's characters and setting is available here:

For years, video games have been moving further and further away from “toys” and more towards their one true goal: To Be Art.

With C. Kane, the dream of a thousand indie game designers has finally been fulfilled. Critics have asked when games would get their own Citizen Kane; we have answered their question. The answer is right now, in this game whose manual you are reading. Thank you for supporting Games As Art!

C. Kane is a short form turn-based RPG that streamlines the genre to its basics; fighting monsters, talking to people, playing dress up. Dungeons are minimalist, graphics are monochrome. Random battles are no more, bosses are numerous. A Shark guides the way. An original hip hop soundtrack provides the beats.

On his 18th birthday, a young Media Mogul begins a quest to save the world. The Earth is in ruins and the Dark Wizard Gettys rules from high atop the Dark Tower in the east.

With his father's sage advice safely in his mind, Charles recruits a band of brave warriors to cleanse the world of the Four Deadly Dungeon Masters.

Along the way, he may learn the truth about what destroyed this once beautiful world.

1/22/16 - Version 2
-New NPCs added to Monorado, The Deadly Volcano exterior, and Dead Lands exterior.
-Added new NPC with a minor quest to Sink Hole entrance.
-Added a new accessory for Leland.
-Added the optional Clown Town area, appears before the final dungeon.
-Newly accessible building available in Monorado after The Incident.
-Minor dialogue/formatting edits.
-Modified NPC movements in Monorado so they get in the way less often.
-Added a new option to the Dating Minigame.
-Minor soundtrack edits.
-Dialogue formatting edits.

-Added Casual Mode option.

-Added borders to text boxes.
-Added descriptive text to weapons/armor.
-Added item description to Holy Book.
-Remapped entrance doors in entrance to the Sink Hole.
-Realigned text boxes to play nicer on mobile devices.
-Changed volume on some sound effects.
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