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~Fools Quest against the All-Seeing-Eye~

In this game you play a fool on your quest to bring happieness back to a small village.
On your quest against the All-Seeing-Eye, you meet new friends and
explore the games world.Depending on your choices the game world will
This game is set in a medival fantasy world.


Attention: This game is still beta, but i decided to upload it for everyone who wants to play it. Please, if you find bugs, spelling mistakes ect. let me know about it. Thanks! Smile

Edit: (11.10.2013): Minor Bugfix update (Spelling ect.)
Edit (11.09.2013): I will upload a version that fixes an important door link bug soon!

Edit: Thanks to imaginegaming, there's now a manual as html file.
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windows version (11.Oct.2013)
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mac version (11.Oct.2013) (176.57 KB; downloaded 312 times)
the manual