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dev note:
got wrapped up in other stuff like an idiot, probably gonna have to wuss out since i don't really have much that would constitute as a "game" let alone a playable demo
dev note:
discord deactivated my account, but there is content i'm gonna show once i'm at a point where it's shareable
stay tuned for super secret alt coming on i gues
okay so basically, the setting's in an alternate universe where it's medieval times except they have guns

your name is doesn't exactly matter, a knight who has been given the task to take down the ...
OHR One-Room Contest 2019
by woahpotato at Thu Feb 28, 2019 9:36 am in Game Discussion
it's 4:36 in the morning and i find this
OHR One-Room Contest 2019
by woahpotato at Sun Feb 24, 2019 10:09 pm in Game Discussion
got my submission in, hope it's enjoyed in some fashion
Star Ranger (ORC2019 build)
by woahpotato at Sun Feb 24, 2019 10:06 pm in Games
You play as a Star Ranger codenamed Gunman, set with the task to stop Steel Ball Joe from his heist on the Galileo Express. Can you put a stop to his efforts and foil his plans to riches and glory?
OHR One-Room Contest 2019
by woahpotato at Thu Feb 21, 2019 8:25 pm in Game Discussion
finally got it sent B)
You haven't sent yours yet?

Well I'm just glad to hear that everyone has confirmed they sent theirs.

I'd say this was another success!

yeah i've been having slime going around in life ...
i got my package on the 7th, so now i gotta send mine
1 would not only be easier to animate, but she also looks more appealing to look at since there aren't as many elements within the design
didn't have enough time to really post an actual demo for my game, but i'll make a thread about it eventually so that progress isn't lost within the discord
good luck to those who submitted a game Smile
just received the item, now it's time to repackage and send it over to the person yes
just purchased the gift, it's gonna take about 3-5 days to get over to where i am so as soon as i get it i'll send it over to my designated person
by address do you mean web address or home address

edit: ok nvm you meant home address

edit: alright i put my address in
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