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I was about to say you should use a second tag to show that the first tags action has already completed... Then I looked again at your script, and saw you had already done exactly that!

So you are ...
I have created and achievement system in my game. Is there a way to script an "If" statement to run only once after you get an item for the first time? Like this

plotscript, item achievem ...
I took a couple hour stroll down memory lane and re-played Wandering Hamster after like 10-12 years. The game/demo is longer now and things haved changed since I remember playing this as a kid. Please ...
I think you may be confused about something.
If you press alt-F4 or press the window X button repeatedly to force Custom to exit, then instead of overwriting your original .rpg file it saves it as a ...
I've tried to challenge random people and nothing happens.
Star Trucker - Beta Release
by maunderingcabal at Tue Aug 15, 2017 7:37 am in Games

This is a space simulation game I have been working on this year. I need beta testers before it is release on Steam Greenlight and the Google Play Market as a demo.
I have noticed after my game .rpg file has grown pretty large the .bak file can get corrupted. if I hard exit out without saving it creates a .rpg_0.bak file. If I try to load the game in custom is gi ...
Maybe throw in a 'wait for text box' right after the first text box?

EDIT: Actually that probably isn't it.

What I think may be happening though is that the tag "A2" is off the first t ...
So I'm using this code and I'm so confused. I've been trying to fix this for like an hour and can't get it to work...

plotscript, a2, begin
show text box (91)
if (check tag (ta ...

there were some stray ) in there.
I wasn't really paying attention with my example.

plotscript, a2, begin
Show text box (79)
wait for text box
if (check tag ( ...
OK getting this error with is code. Any ideas? I tried messing with the ")"s

plotscript, a2, begin
Show text box (79)
wait for text box)
if (check tag (tag: ...
You guys rock! Let me see if some of this works.
The only work around I can think of is to create an item in the shop to sell for 10 of the item to trigger the tags to continue the quest. I don't want to do that though, it seems sloppy.
Is there a way to run a script like the toll script, but instead use items? Like here is the original

plotscript, a1, begin
Show text box (78)
wait for text box
if (check tag (ta ...
Status notifications
by maunderingcabal at Wed Aug 09, 2017 11:09 pm in General Discussion
It's really simple, depending on what you want to do.
If there's something specific, just ask, and I, or someone more talented, will try to do it for you.

The simplest way is to use "show val ...
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