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Katja's Abyss version 1.7 is uploaded on the games page

I've gotten some great playtesting already, so I'm already starting to work on lots of ...
Definitely check out Shooter Game ^^^

Really well-polished mechanics. Not sure if the scripts are included, but it's a super good proof-of-concept for the ohr.
The last level felt like the game was really opening up. Managing the slimes across a larger world map, rather than just in the 4 local screens on the farm. This brought up the thought of larger-scale ...
The webpage feels like it's lacking a title/heading. I would put the book title at the top, above "Catt Zago used to be a thief– " My first instinct was to try to scroll up; I thought I'd ...
Well, it looks like it'd benefit from having a 3rd walking frame. Adding 3-frame walking to all the walkabouts in the game sounds like a lot of work, though.
I love him. I love his face. I love his short lil legs. God, he is just friend-shaped.
He's not currently in the Discord server, for what it's worth. You're still welcome to join it, though, Benny.
I don't know if I explicitly stated that I will be submitting Katja's Abyss: Tactics into this year's hotohr. I've uploaded versions of it here, but I'm still working on it. I was planning on posting ...
I can think of some hacks that utilize chains to stealing attacks, but I know that's not what you're looking for. You could fake special rewards that way, but it's enemy dependent.
I downvoted Cat 2: In Box because I don't support PLAGIARISM
Cyberpunk 3.0 agrees
1. Feenick
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3. Coryza
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9. Arti
10. RMZ
you thought you were signing up for a gardening job, but really it was beautification Gonk
You also have attacks of opportunity in D&D, which I think lowering dodge is a similar feature within the OHR battle system. I don't believe you can trigger enemy attacks by starting to flee, so l ...
Drop dodge and def stats. Hard to avoid an attack or mitigate damage from it while running away from the attacker.
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