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How about instead of showing all these great games to the world, we focus on the quality of the games, their enticing premises, the core promise of their concept and how well they answer it?

But by ...
it looks real
makes you wonder how much money they make from all those releases to afford such silly marketing
Sword­Play shitpost thread
by charbile at Sat Aug 01, 2020 12:38 am in General Discussion
What is a society?

Throws glass

Fellow miserable piles of secrets!

there was an attempt, so adorable
Will never give up. Thank you
Hey Sword, i heard from a friend of a friend that you're not on discord anymore??
what is going on. why are they picking you?? none of this makes sense
are we finally living the dream
this is where you patch things up and continue on, i believe in you guys

edit: happens in every big team project. lots of egos to manage
team player? sword destined to be Team Leader

edit: you too pure for this world too much potential
i weep for this game that will never be, imagine trash panda design
The Community Project
by charbile at Sat Jul 18, 2020 11:56 pm in Game Discussion
Those are the same people though, who want to put something together.

To expand on the topic (or add what was said in chat), consider what you're actually asking for. What specifically does a custo ...
We need battlescripting!!

There were a few games with a custom battle system already.
We have rules
by charbile at Sat Jul 04, 2020 2:01 am in Front Page
Nate, Sword, please come back! we miss you so much uwu

good thing i ace my saving rolls, kyle~
However, THAT

Examples? Has it really been tried in a serious manner? There are many examples of teams succeeding here.

Spoon makes good points and I agree with his sentiments, though. It's unr ...
[url=]gamelist furry tag
seems like the same pool of authors show up on this. you'd think it'd be larger. with the way people are going on ab ...
Whenever you feel like giving up please remember
There are two wolves inside of you
One is fenrir and the other is fyre
My dear Bird, as you can clearly see in Fenrir's picture, I am no furry but a funny animal (in contrast to the serious fennecs). I'm actually really close friends with Bob the Hamster. If you ask him ...
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