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WOW yet another chance to flex all over spoon and rmz? 3 weeks? i'll only need 3 minutes

Whose email is that and how exactly do we wire the ohrbets to it?

I'd like to see more gimmicks. Maybe on ...
Oh magic bubbles, hear my plea! How do I get a boyfriend?

We're always being persecuted, banished to such places like this. Maybe to some people, we'll always be the bad guys. Can't stand those pointy-eared humans either. Not fooling anybody.

But to a ...
But Rue, my good man, would you deprive RMZ of receiving what will likely be a signed copy of his favorite game, Tim Tim?

Am with Bob, was very fun seeing everyone's concepts. Prifurin the best tho ...
The Great Screenshot Contest!!
by charbile at Sun Sep 06, 2020 12:55 am in Game Discussion
That looks amazing... never stood a chance against Pri, praise be
The Great Screenshot Contest!!
by charbile at Wed Sep 02, 2020 11:15 pm in Game Discussion
inspired by real life events
Let's discuss: Party size
by charbile at Fri Aug 28, 2020 7:16 pm in Game Discussion
WOW OWO can i get a TL;DR???

the party size is 4 in ohr. if you make your own battle system, it could be 9999+
what we need more of for community collaborations to work is artists

Isn't it curious that most projects that finish are pushed out by these artists in the community? ho ho ho what a predicament fo ...
1. game battles are more akin to sports and not real life (where one hit KO's are the norm with weapons); think of a fighting ring or sports field: somebody must lose or forfeit for the match to be ov ...
congrats to everyone, i missed voting ;_;
How about instead of showing all these great games to the world, we focus on the quality of the games, their enticing premises, the core promise of their concept and how well they answer it?

But by ...
it looks real
makes you wonder how much money they make from all those releases to afford such silly marketing
Sword­Play shitpost thread
by charbile at Sat Aug 01, 2020 12:38 am in General Discussion
What is a society?

Throws glass

Fellow miserable piles of secrets!

there was an attempt, so adorable
Will never give up. Thank you
Hey Sword, i heard from a friend of a friend that you're not on discord anymore??
what is going on. why are they picking you?? none of this makes sense
are we finally living the dream
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