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Yay! That latest version was accepted for Crypt of Baconthulhu with target audience including 9 and older. I did not attempt to enroll in "designed for families" but I'll try that later.

I got a new bug report today:

"while i'm playing, i got OHRRPGCE BUG:


I'm having them send me g_debug, but I haven't receive it yet.
I watched this slideshow. I guess I have to play Hati's Bizarre Adventure now!

I forgot about Darkmoor Dungeon. It's an oldie but goodie that I should have voted for.
I finished two playthroughs: Biobot with the Romeo ending and Crawler with the Fake ID / Buster friend ending. They'll be going up on YouTube over the next week or so. Shea, I'd love it if you could p ...
I'm late to the party, but I'll post. My list is boring. There aren't too many surprises here!

1. Spellshard
2. Powerstick Man
3. Armageddon
4. OkeDoke!
5. Kaiju Big Battel
6. C.Kane
7. Walth ...
I realised that I could install Alien Squatter by enabling "Steam Play for all other titles" in Settings. That installs Proton, which is a Wine fork. However, that meant the game was a 700MB ...
I also want to say that mouse controls are going to work great. I tested exclusively on Android with touch controls, and it was great, very satisfying after one important bugfix. Make sure you are usi ...
For those of you who are curious, here's the development schedule for Alien Squatter.

10/20/19: Linux version on Steam

10/27/19: Version 1.1 on Steam. This will add some new random encounters, m ...
Thanks for bringing this up and drafting a usable privacy policy! =) This is a big help to me.
When you submit a build of the game, steam will test that it actually runs on Linux. (I can also test it for you.) If it runs, you can be pretty sure that it works correctly, since OHRRPGCE games run ...
It's now available on Mac. No one has any excuse not to play it now! =D
We made it onto Rock Paper Shotgun! YES!
We have to unite our strengh to make big OHRRPGCE games real. That was an honor to catch tasty bugs in this project, so that players can enjoy their journey through the slums to Privillege. Hopefully ...
Awesome! Congrats! Purchased, looking forward to it. Are Mac and Linux releases working their way through the steam 'review' process? Or will I need to download the game via a copy of Steam installed ...
WHOA! The PC version of Alien Squatter is finally I love OHRRPGCE!. ;_;
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