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It's getting a little hard to post screens of the new area that don't spoil anything major. We're leading up to the end of act 1, and things get weird and wild.
This dungeon's all about disorientation and teleporting around. Bob just loves slapping keyboards.
That's a good point, it was hard to see the difference in motion for those two.

I kept working on them and added some horn bits to both the second and third forms as well as making the second one b ...
Redesigned the three forms of the Boogeymen to show a more obvious line of development. Just getting to the part of the story that starts to explain them.
Back to Walthros! Time for Bob to flop his flippers and break his way into the Grey Shrine.

I put together a collection of some of my old games for Steam and with an arcade as a framing device. It changes by the day of ...
Super Walrus Entertainment System
by The Wobbler at Thu Apr 29, 2021 7:38 pm in Games
•A free collection of short-form indie games made using the OHRRPGCE engine!
•Additional games will be added in the future and will remain free. Explore a shady arcade and meet a variety of weird ...
You want it darker? There's a clown who appears Monday through Wednesday who lets you adjust the arcade's haziness.
Adding NPCs that change out based on the date.

Taking a week off from Walthros work to build an arcade interface for my old games collection. There will be different ...
Hype Up Your Game Thread
by The Wobbler at Thu Apr 22, 2021 9:52 pm in Game Discussion
Old Games Page is up -

I started building this in August of last year and kept getting sidetracked trying to make a tra ...
Walthros? More like Wormthros. This is the part of the game that people will either love or think I've gone off the deep end.
Dig in! The dirt digging mini game that players first encounter early in the game returns when you reach Grey Shrine with a few additions: Toxic slime puddles and energy orbs. Avoid the slime! Gobble ...
It's good to be a clown™

Into the final piece of Act I. Originally this was The White Shrine, but it didn't look right with bright colors everywhere so now it's grey. Grey, grey. Things get weird ...
Thanks! Those are drawn frame by frame, I'm using transformations in some other places (like ships landing/taking off) but the clown animations needed special attention.
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