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It worked and the game's up on Google Play now!

For anyone who hasn't uploaded to Google before there's a fun survey they mak ...
Looks like it varies based on Android version, even though all of their documentation just says "100 MB is the current limit." I wrote to a support line at Google and got this answer:

&qu ...
Android port is now live on Amazon App Store -

Google Play is giving me some file ...
Looking forward to your review!

Posting screen shots does seem to be a big part of community engagement now, I've only posted one myself. I know it's something I should do more, but they like you ...
nice writeup on Indiegames+
Thanks for the link!
Steam has a pretty good new system for reaching out directly to reviews/influencers/etc, they limit you to 100 submissions but it's very easy and streamlined. I think I've used 25 of mine so far but I ...
They've shared my posts and I'll be selling the physical copies at two shows this weekend. I don't think it's on their website yet.
If anyone plays the game on Steam and wants to leave an honest review, please do! So far sales are, uh, terrible.
Thank you!

Gaplan: The pricing should be working now in your region, let me know if it's still broken
Normally, I enter the game's price in USD and Steam auto-converts it to all other currencies, but for some reason it looks like they skipped a bunch! I've submitted a request for them to update pricin ...
Now, how do I buy a physical copy??
I think you said you were taking those to a Kaiju Big Battel event. When is that?
November 10th and 11th, so I'll have a week or so to fix anything that ...
While you wait for Kaiju Big Battel: Fighto Fantasy to drop, take a listen to the soundtrack! The whole thing's available now, featuring great cover art by Kaiju-founder Randy Borden! 35 tracks!

ht ...
The case and pamphlet you posted to the blogpost page look really great!
The video series has begun.

Oh nice, going to start watching part 1 soon.

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