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That UFO is just an ordinary ferry helping passengers get to their vacation destination.
This works better with sound, but the UFO now slows down its rotation when picking up dudes and speeds up again before taking off.
Setting up another cutscene.
Glad to hear it!

Here's a very early look at the city of Flopsberg. This is the first day I've worked on actually building this city and I'm still getting a feel for how it should be laid out.
I've finished updating the phone call system for all current content. Once you borrow Salom's phone, you can call different characters to help flesh out Bob's story and the shape of the world.

This ...
A bunch of Hank stuff is done and it's time to start building a new town.
Updating character bios up through the current spot in the story. Here's Hank.
Animation test for Roland, a turtle inspired by Elton John. He fights using a keyboard and buffs up the party using different musical cues. When he reaches his weapon upgrade branch, you can choose b ...
Working on fixing him up a bit still. 3 frame animations would definitely benefit just about all the characters that have legs, but it would be a really big time sink to switch over to that at this po ...
Giant out for a walk. It's tough to avoid him clipping through overhead tiles that were designed for Bob, but players won't normally be able to switch their party leader anyway.
I'd been putting off this part of the game because it involves building three entire heroes, but it's been a lot of fun working on these doofuses.

James: I've tested more extensively now and haven' ...
I haven't noticed any issues yet with targeting but I'll keep an eye out for anything weird!

Dinosaur Super: Leader of a group of do-gooders who sometimes get in trouble up to their necks. She uses ...
A big guy with a big change: Dinosaur Giant now stands on two legs. There was difficulty with clipping through walls with his previous design, so I've given him a new look. He's way bigger than the ot ...
The main playable cast is (spoilered for anyone who doesn't want to know in advance):

Bob - Fish
Salom - Seal
Suwanee - Goose
Hank - Walrus
Dinosaurs Super and Giant - Brontosauruses
Roland ...
Thanks! Grape was a playable hero in the original Walthros. This time around, he's a supporting character in the plot but not playable. The original game's playable cast was too big and balancing them ...
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