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Thanks! Here's some yuks.
I've had very little time to work on the game lately, but here's an empty restaurant and a duck.
I used a difficulty selector that sets a global variable and a tag which determines which formation players fight when they encounter an enemy.

then(fight formation ( ...
Bug testing and balancing the game's next hero. She throws knives and debuffs enemies by swearing.
Some more stuff.
Is it okay to play the new demo with the saved game from the previous demo? Will I miss anything important?
That's fine! Some stuff like starting money and the levels you learn spells changed but it' ...
A new demo is now available! This adds another 45+ minutes to the original demo release on top of a variety of balance and quality of life improvements.

Get it here or on
https://super-wa ...
A new Walthros: Renewal demo will be out soon! Just waiting for some playtester feedback before making it live.
It's Walrus Time.

Just so you know what you're getting into with Walthros: Renewal, here's a walkthrough of one of the side quests:
I've finished work on the next town, Bayswater Village. Now it's time to populate it and write some NPCs!
Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the rest!

Here's the world map for Walthros: Renewal's first chapter (with some placeholders) compared to the one I drew for the original Walthros in 199 ...

The next dungeon's all done, time to start building another town.
I'm going to be posting "Then and Now" comparisons all week looking at the original Walthros sprites and the ones used in Renewal.
Not all secret rooms contain treasure; some introduce new NPCs that may make your life easier or way worse, you never know!
After completing an optional zone, players can unlock the Secret Sensor, a device that lights up and beeps when you're close to a hidden spot on the world map! There are no random battles here, so exp ...
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