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Thanks for clarifying how layers/collisions do.

I will try that looping through npcs thing. So far I'm having trouble even getting one hit to register! :p

To clarify, I meant attaching a slice r ...
I don't mean to be funny, but do you intend to add some visual confirmation that an entry can be expanded? such as brackets or a '+' next to it, perhaps on the left?

edit: oh I see you put the numb ...
goodness me, seems awesome!!!
thanks guys!
I'm still having trouble figuring out slice collision however.
How do layers relate to collisions?
What if I want to check for collisions with hero sprit ...
Thanks for the help and reply!
I just moved the attack slices to a single collection and updated the script.
So far so good!
Using extra data is SOOOOO useful! I was going to use it to contain dama ...
oh, and what if I want to parent a slice to an NPC?

I want to take advantage of NPC movement and behaviour thingies.
ATM I'm messing around with drawing slices on NPCs

(sorry for multiposting, ...
Oh, and is it possible to expand and minimise lists in the slice editor? It's somewhat unmanageable as a long list of each slice.
If there were some tools to manage the slice trees and relationships, ...
Ah, yes, that makes sense.
I want to include fire and lightning and ice attacks.
Am I correct in assuming that they should be in separate collections which enemies should check for separately (leadi ...
I'm not sure, but isn't it also possible to limit the movement of a slice, for example, by placing it in a container?

You could restructure the engine to run on slices, using containers to limit, c ...
I'm using multiple hitboxes for a diagonal attack, because collision detection is all rectangles (right?) so I made some slices lined up in a grid slice.
You can see them as black squares.
(I'm goin ...
also, on this topic, I tried creating a game with slice based collision detection, but now I'm thinking that I should remake the whole thing with better ordered slices.
Is there an optimal way to arr ...
thanks. None of these works are finished, just rudimentary drafts.
SD stands for "super deformed" and is analogous to chibi (large faces)
Yep, need to match palettes to make sure sprites/t ...
is it possible to check for a collision between a slice (the target) and any slice that fits a criteria?
I want to create a weapon hitbox (e.g. a grid) which has multiple slices
I want to check for ...
I know you guys like to have contests. I think that's fun!
I would sincerely love to join in, making games, graphics, music, writing and more!
In the end, we can enjoy eachothers work.
I am also on ...
Oh and here's a picture of me sitting at my keyboard and using CUSTOM.
It's becoming really handy now that my mouse is broken Sad
(it's on the left in blue. Hiiiii)

p.s. using Ctrl + '+' and Ctrl ...
Hi folks! Consider this my informal introduction.
I'm a wandering artist of words, colour and melody.
I luuuuurve making video games, especially using CUSTOM.
I've been using it on/off for many yea ...
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