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it's looking freaking amazing. the spriting. colour. direction. composition.
the writing. my god, the words.
Impressive stuff raising the bar, as always.
well of course the dice would say that!

EDIT: look on the bright side. You rolled a 6!!!!! out of 20
maybe sometimes we should argue with the dice.

kinda sad to think of the dice ruling humans and not the other way around
Do you mean a top-down/2D shooter? Side-scrolling shooter? or some other kind of shooter? Maybe a game like Fallout or a RTS or Diablo? Or perhaps like typing of the dead/house of the dead?
TMC made ...
This looks awesome!

What is that priest wearing? it looks like a thong
i have a lot of thoughts on this.

however it is rather difficult to verbalise, and i'm still trying to understand the scripts.

it could make a fantastic game!

OK enough of that. Time for ra ...
this is... AMAZING
do want

I love this so far and can see it being a good Farming-sim... Harvest Moon meets OHR House
or even an RTS!

here's some things i would do.

random names for jellies ...
OHRRPGCE idontknow version
Uh... Where's my likeness royalty check ... ?

you ain't like royalty... consider yourself checked
working on a thing... this is a rough prototype

the small font is free to use.
its displayed using Prifurin's text/font system
My votes.

1. TMC - nice compositing. good "action". cheating?
2. kylekrack - composition. suggestion. implication. great work!
3. Coryza - great composition with v ...
very interesting debates! has inspired some thoughts in this noggin of mine

realistically, we should be asking WHAT ARE WE FIGHTING FOR(etc.,)?
typically there is a reward or impetus for the play ...

OK, you want it in 280 characters? I can cut down on the jokes:
In the contest concept game, players write up contest concepts and post them on the forums, competing for competitors. The goal is to ...
gamejolt seems to be for more serious games attempts, whereas seems geared towards hobbyists.
Is this real?
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