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make a copy of the rpg when you're done and use it as a base for hard-mode
kinda annoying to sync changes doe
Hamstervania Demo
by SwordPlay at Thu Mar 26, 2020 1:01 am in Games
This is a platformer in the OHR I was working on. I had some help from SlimeSalad members too.
Some materials from contributors, especially art by Gaplan Smile

Feel free to use the scripts however yo ...
I also tried out other game concepts.
I like the OHR for simplicity, rapid prototyping, debugging and portability
so a while ago i was working on a platformer in the OHR
every day is tmc appreciation day

as for sending him a cake, why not order from a NZ shop and have it delivered to him?

doesnt have to be a cake. I have plans.
Enjoy your cheese,wine and tobacc ...
yes please i'd like to read it!

great resources ranger! you are a gift from god
Entrepreneur Central
by SwordPlay at Sun Feb 09, 2020 10:38 pm in Game Discussion
i dont recommend using the fake array scripts, because they are quite limited. you are better off writing your own scripts and arranging things in a tree structure.
if you want someone to look over y ...
interesting stuff. what does gameplay entail? shooting stuff in different environments? talking to npcs? solving puzzles? i'd love to hear more.
Bughunters League Table
by SwordPlay at Sun Feb 09, 2020 10:29 pm in Game Discussion
you don't need a debugger. you need a tmc
Entrepreneur Central
by SwordPlay at Sun Feb 09, 2020 10:28 pm in Game Discussion
arrays aren't fundamentally different from global variables.
they can just be arranged and reordered

here are some tips.

- you can access and manipulate data in an array the same as a global va ...
looks great. glossy presentation!
i'm a maybe in participation

swordplay scares me i need an adult


ss is cancelled this year probably.

Exciting to know you're still working on this!
I really enjoy the presentation of this game, something quite different from the ordinary and with a lot of potential!
are you looking for any help in ...
OHR 2019 Halloween Contest
by SwordPlay at Thu Oct 24, 2019 4:29 pm in Game Discussion
well my computer crashed, but then i recovered the data, so hopefully I can put together something in time!
2019 Top OHRRPGCE Games List
by SwordPlay at Thu Sep 19, 2019 11:07 am in Game Discussion
these games really do it for me
1 - Kaiju Big Battel
2 - Hatis Bizarre Adventure
3 - Void Pyramid
4 - Crypt of Baconthulhu
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