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well I mean both

Also, mogri, you misnumbered. which isn't really against the rules, but it could be argued that, your rule is then void, which does basically make you zappable right now. But seein ...
GalaxyArms Comments
by Spoonweaver at Wed Jan 14, 2009 1:45 am in Game Discussion
GalaxyArms Comments
by Spoonweaver at Tue Jan 13, 2009 10:18 pm in Game Discussion
Instead of writing a lengthy review I figured I'd just comment a little.

So the game basically plays like all the other seventy hundred 1948 clones out there(or galaga clones depending how you look ...
well, I did not know that.Surprised
I noticed that one of the favorite pass-times of the OHR community is holding contests.

First, I would like to state that there should be somewhere to go to see all the OHR currently being held, b ...
10. Arr posts must incrude a smirey somewhele.

Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad
Zap Mogri for his own lure. He ended with quote instead of code

8. You can post discussion te ...
lure 6: Arr Zaps! must be come befole and aftel 7 Mad 's
um... lot of them are free.

and like I said O.H.R.rpg.C.E. comes with one. It's in the import file, and then in the music file, called notate.

P.S. love the avatar.
well, there's always the sample music. javascript:emoticon('Grin')

...also, the program does come with one.

...or you could try

...or you could just ...
no problem

I'm looking forward to playing your game
yea, just turn off caterpillar mode.

It's can be found by
selecting "edit general game data" and then "preference bitsets" and then unhighlighting "enable caterpillar part ...
sounds like you have to add him to your party, in game.

You can do this by setting up a textbox with the condition add "herp" to party and under tag settings select always.

then just p ...
You mean the "online" thing? I did that a couple times but after running into a couple of what were most likely hacked pokemon I stopped. Like the invincible spirit tomb..... that really rui ...
Oh, yea I am including legendaries. However, he's only one of my favorites because he holds those spoons. lol

What is this format that you speak of?
I like how you guys seem to pick pokemon you like over pokemon that are...well, good. I always thought making some of the pokemon hands down better then others was kinda dumb. So I never pick the good ...
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