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No worries
take your time
Since it's a round robin, I didn't see the harm in getting things started.

though... ravancloak has expressed that it would be rude to view the videos of our ma ...
Well, if everyone's teams are ready, I think we can sort of get things started.
I was hoping for more people, but 5 will do.
Anyone else has until the end of the weekend to signup.
Hey Stewitus ­P.
Welcome back!
This isn't really as bad as it looks.
Legendarys, to me, have always been the box art pokemon plus the legendary trio.
Anyways, here's a site with a list of the legendary pokemon that are banned
I AM including sub-legendary and mythic w ...
after discussing things online
I have added additional rules

in case the rule sets are too complex for people that have not taking part in online battles before, let me narrow things down a bit an ...
It seems like everyone has their nose to the grind stone making their games RMZ.
Can't wait to see what we get.
If we had Spoonweaver do this list, all of his games would be at the top and really, only Cat in Box needs to be.
I'd argue if it wasn't accurate.
As the adventurer's return to town, they spot a white flying creature in the far off distance near some mountains. It never comes near enough to fully confirm it is a dragon but given the gossip aroun ...
it's not about how unpopular dynamax, or megas, or z moves are or were
gen 8 doesn't have all the pokemon available in it.
Generally megas and dynamaxing isn't allowed under the OU rule set.
Otherw ...
looks like you only have 2 issues
infinite while loop
and trying to free slices that are already clear and don't exist.
I see there's a few clear slice commands that don't have slice loading comman ...
Actually... do you want to use some video tutorial I made half a year ago?
(link will be only available for some days)
Is it useful? Is the English understan ...

So we launched the Youtube channel very recently
This is a shared channel, with the account info being shared between multiple people.
Cur ...
wouldn't you have to have everyone conform to Gen 7 or Gen 8? I wouldn't think they'd be compatible battling each other. Correct me if I'm wrong.
Actually no, you just have to select the national de ...
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