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You can put your game on both.
You should put your games everywhere!
It's true, I did say those things.
I also had not voted in my own poll yet and just did for the sci-fi one, despite thinking the fantasy demon lord one was a neat idea.
The sci-fi one sounded more ...
Hi everyone! It's me again!

So, is an indie game hosting website that a lot of you know about. However everyone doesnt seem to know about it and very few seem to be taking advantage of what ...
No idea who that is. Did you mean Riley Reid?
I'm glad everything is working out and going back to normal.
We really all need to make an effort to accept each other's differences. We our all a part of this community and we are all part of this w ...
Your discord ban lasts for another 2 days Sword
I tried to get them to end it sooner but I don;t think they know how and won't give me mod privileges to do it myself.
I'm sorry to hear you feel personally [url=]attacked Swordplay.
Let's just put this all in the past and move forward.
I'll see what ...
Spoonweaver: Is this just a trick for us to share our

That would be brilliant.

But no, this idea came to me while speak on Discord to, I believe it was Charbile. We were talking about th ...
There you go again Swordplay.
Now you're not just antagonistic, you're discriminatory too.
It was all Sarcasm? Everything?
Seriously, take Mogri's advise.
Swordplay, just less.
Not never, just maybe limit yourself.
We don't hate you and we don't want you to leave. (Well maybe some of ...
Why do you do these things?
Why do you write things like this?
Was all this actually an apology?

There is nothing to be gained from posts like this.


I'm your host Spoonweaver and this is the Concept Contes ...
by Spoonweaver at Sat Jul 25, 2020 1:20 pm in Game Discussion
You're already basically done?
Dang Nate, wish I could make games that fast.
I look forward to playing.
Nathan, you are a wonderous talent. This sounds like an instant classic and I thank you in advanced for making it!
I'll do some voice acting.
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