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You may or may not have noticed I didn't actually say anywhere in the rules that we'd all be voting for the winner.
That's because I thought I'd do something completely different ...
For the Hilary Duff CD case being empty, I'm not sure that was completely by mistake.
I got it at a garage sale and it very well may have always been empty. I don't think I ever checked.
Normally, I ...
Oh no!!
The mug was not suppose to be broken. Though, it is funny you assumed I sent a broken one.
Man, that box went over a lot better since you had kids.
Oh and the blue stuff was potpourri.

T ...
Project X
by Spoonweaver at Sun Apr 04, 2021 4:21 pm in Game Discussion

"Looks like you removed it all wrong, but it's mostly intact. It's a pity there's not a merchant who b ...
get hyped for yet another charbile win over spoonweaver
Refresh my memory, I was really trying to think of when you could have possibly beaten me and I couldnt think of a single time.
Isn't that wei ...
Game of the year, Prifurin!
Official 2021 Summer Slam Hatâ„¢!
Mogri is the official winner of the 2021 Slime Salad Pokemon Tournament!!!
All Hail Mogri!



The tourney ended in a 3 way tie!
Me Mogri and Achinlabs are going to play rematches
if the standings remain the same. We'll take a look at stats to determine the winner. First looking at KO'd ...
in order

All the games by barnabus
Cat in Box
Dreadful Occupant
Devs Like Waffles
Phantom Tactics
void pyramid
Take your time!

And remember....

If you are watching and would like to join, you still have time!!
Come one, come all!!
at least till tomorrow, when sign up ends.

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