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Idontknow has won the Contest!
Snodrvr is in second
and RMZ is in third.

They will all receive an in game admin request/wish.

Idontknow will receive a mystery box.
He will also receive one of ...
Someone made a bunch of boats?
I would assume anyone judging and voting in this poll has logged into the minecraft server and experienced these entries themselves in game.
The contest is being judged by a Forum Poll!
It ends in 3 days!
Who's going to win?!

I invite you all to log in and look at the entries in game if you haven't already!
The Contest Building Time is Now Over!

Judgement has Begun!

I've attached all the entries we received!

A great turn out!

First, Swordplay's get dunked on is a house with a watery entrance. ...
You are allowed the transform the blocks provided to you in any way you see fit.

The contest area on the server is ready. If spots fill up let me know so I can prepare more areas.

https:/ ...
contest area is located @ -124 64 -1301
which is a little away from town, but we are going to make a cart rail going there for everyone.
Sounds cool.

How tall is 2 chunks? 32 blocks?


It is a 16x16x32 rectangular cuboid shape.

I've attached a screenshot of one of the contest areas.
I've attached a screenshot of the contents of contest chest.
(Contents of contest chest for contest only!)

EDIT: I reduced the chest size (pray I do not reduce it further)
Greetings Once Again!
It is I, Spoonweaver, hosting another contest!

This will not be an OHR game making contest.

This is a building contest held on the OHR Minecraft server. ...
Minecraft Server
by Spoonweaver at Fri Apr 23, 2021 3:34 pm in General Discussion
Yea, the command block teleporters work just fine.
Minecraft Server
by Spoonweaver at Thu Apr 22, 2021 7:47 pm in General Discussion
This request is the reason I stopped fulfilling all the requests with command blocks.
1 of these hoes? reasonable.
A block that makes them endlessly? crazy town.
Minecraft Server
by Spoonweaver at Thu Apr 22, 2021 2:18 pm in General Discussion
With a new IP address comes a new wish right?
new IP: IP

What RMZ is referring to, as you may or may not know, is the fact that I was letting each person have 1 admin request o ...
Minecraft Server
by Spoonweaver at Tue Apr 20, 2021 5:00 pm in General Discussion

I also upgraded the server so there shouldn't be as much lag!!!


Only the port has changed, the old server i ...
a) taking a break from a big project can help you get perspective on the big project and not let things get stale.
b)The gimmicks and themes on the wheels will be refined and altered.
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