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The manticore indeed does not seem to be carrying anything with it.

"Glad you happened to be walking by," said the old lady. "What brings out here anyways? Here to buy potions?"
As the fire quickly burned itself out, the old lady noticeably relaxed.
"Hmmph," snorted the old lady. "I suppose I owe you my thanks for getting rid of that monster," she said i ...
Mug charges through the fire right at the flaming creature. With a slash of his sword, the creature fell after taking 10 damage. The manticore lay dying on the ground while the rest of the adventurers ...
it is less than 20 ft away.
Tim-Tim 2 Dev Thread
by Spoonweaver at Tue Feb 23, 2021 8:21 pm in Game Discussion
changed the HUD to include more information.
I think it will fix some issues some players were having.
"It's never attracted a manticore before," answers the old lady to Jenny's question. "Monsters have been displaced by the dragon recently, this fella is likely no different."

Je ...
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Swordplay - maybe something else
Ichiro - maybe writing as a helper

Prifurin - maybe something else
Morpheus­Kitami - maybe helper ...
Sorry, I didn't notice till just now that I was actually waiting on myself. Whoops.
Anyways, if anyone would like, I can roll your attacks for you.
You are always welcome to roll them yourself of co ...
Sazae is peaking down through the trap door when the fighting starts.
The puff of flour seems to distract the manticore as it's attacked.
Bometrus stabs in and deals 10 points of damage. Jenny thum ...
yes polkakitty, I see your turn, I'm waiting for everyone else to go as well before posting the masticore's turn and damage results.
There can be more than 1 contest at a time.
Also, any contest not yet posted on the forum doesn't exist yet and couldn't possibly be scheduled around.
everything that took place before I said, we are now in turn based combat, was not yet your turn. You all have a full round turn before the manticore goes, it rolled badly on it's initiative. I rolled ...

In the Spring OHR Open Collab, EVERYONE ...
Yea, I kept telling RMZ that he can't just nominate judges.
I don;t know what he was thinking.
But anyways, yea we were thinking of switching things up form the norm and having the contest be judged ...
No huge rush or anything.
Currently, I'm waiting on all 4 players to take their turns in combat.
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