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I had to stop the video a few times to catch my breath.
That turned out better than I hoped.
The screenshot clearly states BENA, which you have repeatedly confirmed is not your name.
In a strange turn of events feenicks has refused the prize package and demanded the prize be sent instead to the person in Last place.
I have adjusted the contents of the package accordingly and pack ...

Thank you all for voting and participating!
Now, for the results!

1st place! Feenick 1st place!

2nd place: Prifurin
3rd place: TMC
4th place: Holl ...
I also get that this is an OHR community reference but I lack the context to understand. At face value it looks like a simple toddler's tablet game, though I wonder if the cats can actually fit in the ...

1. Prifurin
2. Charbile
3. Feenicks
4. kylekrack
5. tmc
6. hollyhart1
7. Nathan Karr
8. Coryza
9. Arti
10. RedMaverickZero

Rank them in order from best to worst game screenshots

If it helps, think of the screenshot as the only thing you're seeing or knowing about the game before playing it. Which one w ...
Gog was mentioned as a possible place people can upload their games, but was said to be hard to get into.
This seems to be true, but it would be cool if someone was able to get an ohr game on there. ...
Followed and 5 star rated Nathan!
Let us know if there is anything else we can help promote!
The entries are looking good so far, keep them up!
Let's discuss: Party size
by Spoonweaver at Sun Aug 30, 2020 5:22 pm in Game Discussion
HA! Shots fired!
I get a lot of crap for making a platformer in an rpg engine for sure.
But my main point is that indie games should strive for originality whenever possible.

Now! All this stuf ...
Let's discuss: Party size
by Spoonweaver at Sat Aug 29, 2020 7:32 pm in Game Discussion
That's all well and good, but all you're doing is attempting to explain standing tradition right?
The things you listed aren't even all universal in most games.
What I see is that you're defining th ...
A picture says a thousand words!

Welcome back to the next great Contest ...
Seems a lot of this thread is thinking inside the box.
There are constraints set forth by the engine's battle system in regards to most things, with running being one of them.
There are options you ...
Let's discuss: Party size
by Spoonweaver at Fri Aug 28, 2020 11:07 pm in Game Discussion
Seems like a lot of this is based off previous games and previous rpg expectations.
"balance" is subjective isn't it?
why use experience points?
why make the battles intentionally hard?
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