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Cartographer problem
by RMSephy at Tue Jun 13, 2017 2:15 am in Q&A Discussion
Yikes, sorry for taking so long to reply here! I've updated the github repo with the latest exe file. Please let me know if this works for you
Exporting a whole map as bmp?
by RMSephy at Fri Nov 25, 2016 6:24 pm in Q&A Discussion
Force of habit, really.

Honestly though, in pull requests I tend to make tons of trivial commits for fixing typos and small bugs, and squash-merge lets me hide all that in the commit history.
Exporting a whole map as bmp?
by RMSephy at Wed Nov 23, 2016 6:55 pm in Q&A Discussion
Yeah, sorry about that. I had gotten a new github account for work and haven't logged into my old account for a long time. I'll merge in TMC's pull request
OHR Multicart Compilation
by RMSephy at Fri Nov 11, 2016 6:48 pm in Game Discussion
A little known fact about the Matrix is that they actually got the idea for their scrollie binary character symbols thingy from the OHR multi-cart. B)
OHR Multicart Compilation
by RMSephy at Tue Nov 08, 2016 6:24 pm in Game Discussion
This sounds pretty fun. I could try and make an arkanoid-style game for this.
"Out drinking, huh? Good grief, I think I could use a drink after this. I-in any case, I think we should follow the.. um, Fire lady's lead and go watch the flames from the outside." The soun ...
Petrol turns and stares, annoyed, at the goblin lady sneaking up behind him. "Y-you! I saw you on the other floor! What in the hecks are you still doing here?"
That was mad crazy yo. I can't believe they used a time machine to teleport Black Goku back to when real Goku died the first time and switched them out so that real Goku never died in the first place.
Petrol staggers at the heat, beating a hasty retreat to the next highest floor where the heat is more bearable. "Wait up, Cece! It's way too dangerous without the cloaks, and I don't think a buck ...
Petrol fidgets uncomfortably at the notion of going back into the burning building. With a sigh, he would pick up his bucket from before (still unused) and follow after Ebald and Cece.
Petrol peers at the inferno. "Well.. assuming there's nothing we can do to save this building, we should probably take a look around and make sure the fire doesn't spread anywhere else." He ...
"Oi, that's dangerous!" Petrol gives Cece a sort of What the heck just happened? look before following a safe distance after the goblin woman and putting out any fires she might start inside ...
"Yeah, please forgive the man. He really couldn't help himself, but at least you're both dressed up." Petrol makes the brief mistake of turning around, catching a glimpse of the couple, and ...
Petrol is speechless for a few moments as he tries to bleach out what he just saw from his mind. "The lady's right! The building's on fire, and you're all going to be roasted if you don't get out ...
Being somewhat unnerved by the explosion, Petrol was inclined to agree with Cece. "Yeah, I think we're ill-equipped to deal with the fire. Let's just get as many people out of here as we can.&quo ...
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