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Thank you for this! Zombie You're welcome. I didn't think anybody would like it as much as I did, but I figured it was worth showing, heh.

There are a couple of inside jokes (mostly about the number 110,000,000 (because of the song), and a reference to Neon Genesis Evang ...
Only One In All's avatar makes me want to play the game that features that character.

Plus, I love kittens. =3
Halloween Contest 2008
by Newbie Newtype at Sun Oct 21, 2007 4:21 am in Game Discussion
Even though I never played the game, I'm going to guess Kid Dracula and sandsead.bmp
I just voted for the bugs everyone wanted me to, but I also voted for some battle features because I'm greedy like that.
Eh heh... Yeah...

Moogle1 did this because I threatened to use my voice to describe what would be going on, so he added battle graphics to spare everyone.

Actually, other than graphics and soun ...
I haven't played the PSP version of FFT, but judging by the animation load times, it's the same syndrome that Spectral Souls had (actually, Spectral Souls is probably much worse, because that game let ...
Blasphemous Saga Fantasy
by Newbie Newtype at Thu Oct 18, 2007 12:12 pm in Game Discussion
That game looks really well defined.

My only complaint is that the Knight's mouth doesn't smile like he does in the comic. That really set the Squire/Knight's personality in stone for me.
OHR Pong
by Newbie Newtype at Wed Oct 17, 2007 2:31 am in Games
More of a simple diversion for a few minutes than a fully fleshed game. The ultimate, disposable game.

OHR Pong is a plot scripted game, featuring simple AI and floaty physics to add to the challe ...
Metroid Prime 3
by Newbie Newtype at Wed Oct 17, 2007 2:17 am in General Discussion
Metroid Prime 3 is really fun. A huge improvement in combat and controls from MP1.

I still think that exploration has gotten weak lately, though. I still enjoy the game as much as if it did have ...
Oh man, my avatar is really great! Thanks a bunch!

EDIT: ROFL. The CLOD STRIF avatar is freaking hilarious.
I think a Doraemon slime would be cool.
Battle Cutscenes
by Newbie Newtype at Mon Oct 15, 2007 9:50 pm in Game Discussion
Having at least some walkabout animation is a lot better than anything Final Fantasy 1-6 did in terms of "walkabout battles" (they usually just relied on battle scripting). They just used s ...
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