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because I didn't know about it because I am dumb! Grin
Someone mind checking it now? Grin
They display fine for me... Sad
Here's my review of Final Dragon Legacy!
So, on to another review...This review is of FINAL DRAGON LEGACY!
Which, by the way, has a rather elegant title screen ... Thats my review for The Towers Of Love and Energy! Smile

Also; Streaming Final Dragon Legacy now! something...Oogh...What a game to get for my second review...Oh well, Let's get on with it!

Disclaimer: While this game was made in three hours, I'm not going to cut it any s ...
I'll be streaming another game for the review contest - This time it's the Towers of Love and Energy! (Meowskivich is there again, as well)
Thanks for watching the stream, sir! Sorry about the mouse, I'll make sure to not do that for the next game!

I'll try to not get as many HP and MP bonuses now that I know better!

As for the ...
Er...Hello. I'm that guy, Brute, who Meowskivich linked to playing Super Penguin Chef on here a little bit ago. Well, i reviewed it so...check it out if you wish! ^^ ...
So...I guess a quick introduction to who I am is in order seeing as this is the first thing I've posted. I'm Brute, I have actually been registered for awhile and just haven't gotten around to posting ...