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Momoka's Jailbreak Adventure!
by Momoka at Sun Nov 18, 2012 10:29 pm in General Discussion
Grab the fire extinguisher near the dispenser, and blast yourself with it.

You are nowhere near close enough to reach the FIRE EXTINGUISHER. You make an effort to gr ...
(Maybe got a little carried away with the brush tool)

throw any rubble from hole you can find at the pi below the word "fire"

You throw a piece of PUMPK ...
Sing a power ballad.

You sing a LEVEL 1 POWER BALLAD, which is the strongest ballad you know. Your STAR POWER increases slightly. You feel like a METAL MADMAN. You a ...
The key is steel, and there is probably flint in the stone floor. The pumpkin seeds are clearly too soggy to use as kindling, Maybe your clothes are flammable?

Are y ...
Make a Tetris shaped hole in the wall.

You set the C-3 to its L-BLOCK SETTING.

All you need to do is fine some way to light the fuse!
Smash the pumpkin to use the pulp to write with. (also checking for any VALUABLE TREASURES that might be inside it)

Break the fourth wall, and then eat the sun. ...
Use own blood to write.

There aren't any SHARP OBJECTS to CUT yourself with! Your KEY isn't up to the job.

You'll need to come up with a plan.
eat key
Draw the R on the wall of your own room, so the "DANGE" doesn't remain incomplete.

You start to EAT the KEY, when you are hit with a SHOCKING EPI ...
Find Rita Hayworth.

Won't be hard. She's in the cell next to yours. It looks like a GUARD was trying to label her cell as DANGEROUS, but she grabbed his head and sla ...
meditate on your crimes

You adopt your best meditating position, the STEREOTYPICAL INDIAN GUY, and attempt to meditate on your unspeakable crimes.

http://i.imgur. ...
Czol will try to flank any Kobolds for a sneak attack.

Failing that, he'll just stab them. They're kobolds.
So, inspired by

Your name is THADDEUS CORPUS. You have been locked in a jail cell for your UNSPEAKABLE CRIMES. There is nothing in your cell that can help you.

What ...
Czolgosziel decides to act natural.

Czolgosziel says
Evenin', fellow kobolds.
Czolgosziel says

Gentlemen, this door is trapped. Fear not, for I shall disarm it

Czol attempts to disable the device.
New Campaign: Athelos Darkening
by Momoka at Sat Nov 10, 2012 10:06 pm in Roleplaying
On their respective turns, Berry will run out for some rock-em sock-em action, and Peppermint will hide in the corner.
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