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Yeah, it looked like it was a nice mug, so that's a shame.

My kids are crazy about useless junk, so basically anything plastic in there got snatched up.
I apologize for the cinematography.

The Hillary Duff CD case was empty. My wife suggested that perhaps the mug was broken when it was shipped. I thought about it and told her that that wouldn't be ...
It was a good tournament! Baconlabs gave me a hard time on both of our matches, handing me my only defeat and nearly taking the crown.
My current status: 2 wins, 1 loss
Um, Mogri, are you on Discord? I can't find your name. I'm "achinlabs" on there

I am now.

I've got a team ready. Is it any good? I don't really know. ...
Well, if everyone's teams are ready

Whoa hang on. I haven't even started.
Sounds good, but can you clarify legendary? It seems like it would be simplest just to use the OU banlist for mons, regardless of what's legendary.
Jenny notices the townsfolk pointing and whispering, and she scowls. It's not her fault there's a gaping hole in her tunic, and it's rude of them to stare.
Gen 7 rules + gen 8 mons, then? Was Dynamax that unpopular?

I will sign up, although I can't remember the last time I put together a team.
Jenny is still incensed. She unstops the potion with her teeth, splashing a bit of it on the floor. She spits the stopper onto the floor, chugs the potion, and hurls the empty flask to the ground, sha ...
by Mogri at Thu Mar 18, 2021 7:52 pm in Game Discussion
I want a music making tool that makes me feel the same way that Mario Paint did Grin

This is off-topic by this point, but [url=]this tool was just brought to my attent ...
It is not a matter of how bad it was. It is a matter of me laying out a very clear rule and that rule being completely disregarded. I would have handed out the same ban to you if you had asked Nathan ...
The only reason I have not done so is that I do not want this discussion to spill over elsewhere.
Nathan has been banned for one week.

I want to be clear that anyone agreeing or disagreeing or otherwise engaging with nathan.txt will get the same treatment. I have been explicit about this. At t ...
What is the salient point? No one is going to reach the end of what you wrote.
It's too distracting and all over the place... What am I supposed to take away from your words?

To be explicit: if yo ...
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