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Adding splash screens seems a bit much. It may be a nice thing to do as a courtesy but I wouldn't require it.

Tbh I'm not the kind of guy who cares about nsfw content, as you can tell from the fac ...
Eeek it's Mogri's Ghost!

Say, while you're haunting the area are there any concrete rules about nsfw content on slimesalad?
Bruh if I see one more slimy butthole in an ohr game...

Especially after I killed Mogri by telling him about the images in the last round of dreadful vore games, this is quite literally a matter ...
...I can't say I'd want to attract that audience here either.
Honestly, I think without the nudity and poop No Eat is a pretty harmless game as far as nsfw content.
OHRRPGCE Top 15 - 2013
by Idontknow at Sun Jul 28, 2019 6:40 am in Front Page
I mean, it's totally logical for people's top games to be longer, more complete titles with ample content that really stuck with them. Nobody's going to have fond memories of an unfinished demo that l ...
I just remember this one time I had this problem in midgame ynah where an npc just gave zero sliming slimes about their zone, and nobody had any idea how to fix it.

I use them in high-traffic maps ...
I'll need some numerical scores for the games too, Chalk. You can PM them to me if you want.
Alright, hammered together that "official page" for the contest. Enjoy my high school level html skills. ;)

Also, I'm taking votes now, so be sure to post or send them to me by the 30th, ...
by Idontknow at Mon Apr 01, 2019 10:35 pm in Games
An evil magic user known as "The Thumb" has threatened the fennec kingdom! In response, King EEEE sends his finest soldiers to stop their nefarious plans. What's that, he doesn't have an arm ...
If downloads are fixed don't worry about sending me anything, I will use the page to link to each game's respective SS page when I get home from work, however.
Oh, uh I'm giving everyone an extra day. I had to spend more time than I wanted to trying to make my own "gamelist", so I'm just giving everyone an extra day.

Just remember to send it to ...
In addition I have created an official page for the contest. The page itself is unifinished but I'll add more games as I get them in.
I've only really worked on graphics for my game so far, but here's a hastily thrown together encounter with a cat shopkeeper to prove I actually have a game.
Hype Up Your Game Thread
by Idontknow at Sat Mar 02, 2019 7:12 pm in Game Discussion
Omg please do! I'd love a remaster of the Vikings OST, it's one of my all time favorite game soundtracks.

I used to like, listen to it on my phone with a janky old midi playing app while waiting f ...
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