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by Idontknow at Tue Apr 06, 2021 8:00 am in Game Discussion
Team 4 game is posted
Eeee is quite the character. He's very intelligent and a computer whiz, but he mostly uses that ability for pointless tasks, such as hacking into his favorite local restaurant to find tommorrow's soup ...
The lid slides off a coffin in the basement of Shinra Manor and I emerge with a cool flip


I lay back in my coffin to rest and the lid slides itself back into place.
The wellbutrin will flow like water

ngl I'm morbidly curious of the contents of Nathan.txt
Personally, I think that Nathan WANTS us to mock and ridicule him openly. He wants us to ban him or lock this thread so he can go cry in the comments of some right-wing youtube video about how we're h ...
Congratulations to everyone who entered, really good showing this year!
It's not so much that it sucks, it's more that after a dense tutorial we should be using the skills we learned so they can be concretely set in our brains.
I was a bit overly generous with my review scores this year. Def some cream of the crop games this year.

Alliterative Abbreviated Adventure
Score 2/10
It meets all the standards you expect from N ...
I guess I have a few

Fishing - Self-explanatory
Offices - office settings, using office supplies as weapons, ect
Pretentiousness - Make the game seem like a pretentious art game
Noob - M ...
by Idontknow at Sat Feb 13, 2021 10:19 pm in Game Discussion
I just remembered, isnt the RGC supposed to be in March? Maybe we should do this thing in late April instead
by Idontknow at Fri Feb 12, 2021 7:27 pm in Game Discussion
Put me as a helper, I'm much better at writing than art or scripting
Imo I think it's ok to fix game breaking bugs so people can see all the content of the game, but small bugfixes can be "lived with" so to speak. Of course, as a game player I'd prefer the mo ...
I don't plan to participate anymore, I never really made enough progress on my game for it to be at a level where I would be comfortable entering it in the contest. I am excited to play all the entran ...
Holy slimes this is like a vintage 2006 fursecution rant
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