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This is the pits.
by Hedera Helix at Wed Apr 21, 2021 8:32 pm in Q&A Discussion
Oh geez, I hadn't even taken mouse controls into consideration. 3.8 it is, then.
This is the pits.
by Hedera Helix at Wed Apr 21, 2021 3:14 am in Q&A Discussion
So. In my game, I want to have pits that the player can fall down, and for them to play a little falling animation. This effect can be done in multiple ways, many of which would lead to a Wile E. Coyo ...
a) taking a break from a big project can help you get perspective on the big project and not let things get stale.

this is actually why I signed up for the spring collab contest, since it allowed m ...
I'd sign up but a) I really need to work more on my game I'm currently working on, and b) if I drew "can't contain plants", then the universe would collapse in on itself
what about making it so that, after winning a battle, you can just gain a level (or levels) instead of (+ in addition to?) getting experience
You can do it by using tags.
Could it be possible for, in the default items menu, to have an option so that instead of (or, seperately from) discarding/deleting an item, the player can sell them for the default price?
get hype for puppets
When choosing to export a map layer as a pixel-a-tile image, could there be an option to have the tiles correspond to the first 160 colors in the master palette, in order to better distinguish ones th ...
brb adding a dancing minigame to my project

edit: In other news, I'm learning quite a lot about animation, namely that it increases the labor needed exponentially, and that there's a reason why it' ...
A look inside Roland and Arnold's house. Who can identify the albums on the wall?

the one on the top right's Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, going to guess the others are also elton john albums

excep ...
For the most part, even very old games should work in the current version of the engine, and of you find some that don't, you can report that to the bugtracker

Ah, I didn't know that. Of course, th ...
This thread of the Top 30 voting two years ago might be useful:

Also the wiki table with previo ...
c'monnnn post some screenshots, don't leave us all in the dark other teams ._.
Holding the last frame for an extra couple of ticks makes a big difference, too. Are you using some kind of rapid-transmogrification wizardry?

I am, yes. Angel

The way I did it was, for a give ...
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