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Show off your graphics!
by Froginator at Wed Oct 02, 2019 11:45 am in Game Discussion
Hello again! Haven't posted here in ages hehe
I made some tiny projects in the OHRRPGCE in my absence, including a small venture into 3D-Prerendered Graphics akin to games like FinFin or L.O.L.-Lack ...
[EDIT] I can also pay via paypal if you give me a price.
Since I'm making a webcomic ( that I want to make an animation short of I need a theme song for the main character "The Loo ...
Yeah there actually isn't much to the story. I actually want the player to feel clueless, to make this more of an rpg parody, since I want the player to feel like most protagonists must feel if they j ...
Oh those things!
Yeah that's not a scripting issue that's just me being to lazy to make them fit better.
They where already planned to be changed.
Thank you all for this SMAASHING amount of feedback!
There's some important things to say about the dark cave.
This part is not finished and I forgot to block the area. You're actually supposed to ...
So I just finished working on a lotta stuff for my game Quodia and I need some feedback!
It's not done yet, there's enemies without attacks and areas where there's no enemies at all, because I decide ...
Ah I get it! Thank you! Works perfectly now!
So I should replace the "jump" stuff with a simple change of the Z axis and then replace the Xs with Ys?
Awesome! Everything works now! Thank you so much!

So now that I got both mushrooms for left and right done, I'm trying to make two for up and down.
I think I got some of the values wrong because ...
Thanks for the help! The Mushroom script works perfectly now.

But there's one thing with the Darkness script. It's probably my fault though.
I think I'm putting things at the wrong places because ...
Yeah.. what I'm trying to do is that the cave can be entered and exited at any time. The darkness inside should stay, but the problem is when you exit the cave, every map now has the black overlay.
No idea why but It doesn't work..?
Also when I use the jumpy mushrooms every NPC (including the mushrooms themselves) on the map becomes unuseable..
@Bob the Hamster I guess you mean that I should make a NPC activate the tag?
Because for some reason that doesn't work..
Also tried the mushroom jumping stuff now.
I used this script:
variable (i, jump)
suspend player
set hero direction (me, right)
jump := -5
for (i, 0, 10) do (
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