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Dear Old People: Old Game Talk
by Fortis at Mon Jul 17, 2017 7:08 pm in Game Discussion
As a pile of it myself, I love old crap.

Time Flies: I was thinking this morning about how dumb the main character's outfit was. There were some good ideas in TF and I have successfully transplante ...
Minecraft Thread
by Fortis at Thu Dec 01, 2011 2:54 am in General Discussion
HELLO I would like to be whitelisted.
My username is terrible, as I picked it in a fit of frustration that Fortis, TheSlimeKing,The_Slime_King, and Seb (including Seb_, Seb__, Seb___, etc) were all t ...
Without a female of the species you want, you can't pass on egg moves!

Anyway Baconlabs, don't worry about making a good offering, if you don't have anything super cool, you still have a different ...
Haha man, I need to edit the OP.

I dont have my friend code on-hand right now but I've got a bunch of Deinos with Dark Pulse and Scraggys with Fire/Ice/Thunderpunch (as in all 3) that are in need ...
Alright, done. Enjoy.
Yes, as usual I am terrible.

They'll be done this week.
Hey it's 2011 I guess that's a good time for another 7 days of slime requesting.

I guess the last few requests count towards this, but basically from now till next Saturday (Jan 8th), request slime ...
Hey, I don't mean to spoil the party here, but isn't your base file

Nah, my base file had all the assets for the site in it too.
I already redesigned the slime base (my new avatar is an example), ...
I myself only take/fulfill requests in short bursts.

Speaking of which...

Time for I lost the Slime Salad illustrator file, so it's time to make new avatars!

You have a week to make requests. ...
What. When did you people start posting in this thread again?

I JUST beat Red and got a Squirtle from Professor Oak and a Treecko from Steven. HG/SS is so full of crazy crap, it's amazing.

I'm ...
Nah, not Slime King themed exactly. "Slime Green" refers to Slime Salad, "Castle Gray" refers to CastleParadox.

That's cool though, I'll watch for the reference when I play it.
I haven't played yet (I use an intel mac and generally like to reboot into Windows for playing OHR games) but I strongly encourage you to make a Slime Green Version and Castle Grey Version.

EDIT: A ...
Show off your graphics!
by Fortis at Fri Apr 30, 2010 1:38 am in Game Discussion

Hurfadurf Hurr

this is among the greatest of honors.
The sheer amount of awesome stuff you can get in HG/SS is amazing. I got an Adamant Flying Pikachu from Yellow Forest and finally a surfing one (docile, so good enough) AND two light orbs. And then I ...
OP updated, new links: - Serebii's alright I guess. - Pokémon Wiki - Download Voltorb Flip Helper, for those of ...
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