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So here goes the prize! Big thanks to everybody who was watching us, maybe even tried participating, you're all welcome the next year, sure, have fun~
As I can remember, RPGMaker mapping has Z/X/C system and it's very nice being used simultaneously with Space/Enter/Left-click there. Also yes, custom remapping is sure a desired thing~
Hello everyone again, I'm quite sorry outwashing this thread completely, though, I'm here to say that timeframe of our contest finally went out and if we're not mistaken, there are even two submission ...
In case of organizing stuff I have no other choice but give some idea to developers who are not familiar with Yume Nikki that much. So what really may be a fangame?

Here's little list of features a ...
Oh, really, that may be interesting~
Hello everyone! So there goes, I hope, new contest of spiffy OHRRPGCE community:

OHR Dream Diary Contest


Why is is called so? Sure, that is dedication to one of classic surreal &quo ...
So, finally I did it through all contest submissions I hope. Quite sorry for not completing some of them till the end, but, sure, it was a great experience to achieve.

Design: Rough- ...