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Still a little out of breath with excitement, Mug prods the dead monster with his sword... Just to make sure. Isn't there something he is supposed to do now?...

Check the body for treasure!

&quo ...
Seeing his companions wounded, Mug panics. For better or for worse he panics forward, charging through the flame, attacking the monster again outside

"Aaaaaaaaaaa!" he says, not very elo ...
Yay! I am delighted that he seems to have enjoyed it!

And thank you for sharing it with him. Marketing books is hard, and I think word of mouth helps a lot.

EDIT: I saw his review on goodreads! ...
"We're killing it!" Mug shouts, not so much because he's confident that is what is happening, but rather it is an expression of what he hopes is happening

He attacks again with his sword
I want a music making tool that makes me feel the same way that Mario Paint did :D
This sounds fun!

I think I'll be pretty busy around that time, and might not be able to participate or judge-- but honestly I would be more interested in entering than in judging. I do prefer commu ...
(assuming that you are rolling initiative for us and we don't need to do it here. Also not sure if that counted as Mug's attack, so phrasing his action accordingly)

Pleased to have confused the bea ...
Oops! I stopped getting e-mail notifications for posts in these threads, and wondered why nothing was happening.

I was wondering what would be the mechanics of fighting the beast just as it squeeze ...
Without paying much attention to the others, Mug hoists one of the bags of flour over his head and prepares to hurl it at the hole in the door
I was able to reproduce the error message, but it is coming from "pathfindheroto" not from "add hero"

If I pick "ignore" on the error message, I can see that the add h ...
Yeah, Seamus, you are doing it correctly, this has to be a bug.

Can you e-mail a copy of the rpg file to ? You could also send an rsav file right before the hero is added
I love that animation of peeking out the door

Anyone want to make a mini game??

if the scope is small enough, maybe? are there any other ...
Mug looks at the claw reaching in.

He looks at the bags of grain. "Are any of these already milled to flour?" he wonders aloud.

"A snout full of flour might blind it for a moment ...
Pretending that nobody saw his failed jump Mug follows Jenny
Work for Hire
by Bob the Hamster at Sat Jan 30, 2021 2:00 pm in Game Discussion
Okay, that is really cool!
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