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Spritesheet question
by Bob the Hamster at Sun Jan 20, 2019 1:26 am in Q&A Discussion
Not yet, but it is certainly something we want to add
What was all that tape for??

My little one has a picture drawn on an index card, and wanted to tape it to the wall. One piece of tape is never enough!

I couldn't help myself, I fixed that crash ...
I found another blocker tonight, a crash in hero pathfinding.

I have a hunch it has to do with something I did recently when trying to fix clicking to walk to step-on NPCs

I intend to work on it ...
Happy Thursday!

I recorded and posted my whole dang coding session tonight.

Here it is [yt]m_p0hzgYWhY[/yt]

(actually it will be uploading for another 20 minutes, so that link doesn't work ju ...
I was not aware that I wrote "text box" more often than "text box". I guess I like to type fast without thinking ;)

(EDIT: I wrote "textbox" the second time in the lin ...
Slimes! :D
Thank you for your reviews! Your articles about games are the main way I vicariously enjoy games on systems I don't own (and I currently own zero systems!)
I think those are both fantastic!

My favorite is the one on the left. It does look more like a robot.

The outfit of the one on the right is also very cool, it looks futuristic
Tim-Tim 2 Dev Thread
by Bob the Hamster at Wed Jan 02, 2019 10:48 am in Game Discussion

What does the slime heart do? Spawn more slimes?
Does it seem like the text box chains we're actually corrupted by the new nightly? If so that sounds like a very concerning engine bug. Has anybody else seen anything like this happen?

Was it after ...
I don't know what is happening on that desk, but it looks fun! What are you making?
I like the idea if a text field where they can say something about why they are creating an account. Half the spammers will skip it, the other half will paste their spam links directly into it :)
Is there a specific way they are supposed to ask for activation? Most if the spambot names look like spambot names, but out of the flood of account mail this morning one or two of them looked somewhat ...
Aha! I figured out how to reproduce the elemental zeroes bug.

* Go into the enemy editor.
* Click the "+New" button at the top of the enemy browser
* This creates a new blank enemy
* E ...
Oh, yes! I forgot to follow up on the zeroed elemental stuff.

All I remember is that I did the Sprite and added a blank enemy entry months ago, and this month I went back to add all the enemy stats ...
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