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Detelamane's Updates
by Bob the Hamster at Tue Jan 22, 2008 12:29 am in Game Discussion
Those look pretty good.

What does it look like if you make their arms move one pixel further in the left and right walking frames?


Jan 21 2008 [voxhumana]

* New Features
* Attack bitset 'Do not chain if attack fails' [Mike Caron]
* Equip screen displays the number by whic ...
Thanks for the comments man. The energy drink bit should definitely NOT close down Game. I guess it's the new voxhumana nightly that has a problem, because all the item does is a simple heal. and pick ...
What happened to the sound effects? Some of Bob and Vlad's voices are higher pitched now while the rest is still normal. Other than that, it was good retroy amusement. :P

The old QB/ASM sound code ...
Excellent question. I'm not sure about other teams, but given that I saw a date in our systems well into the latter half of the century, I'd say we're equipped to deal with it. Our databases, perhaps ...
Tales II
by Bob the Hamster at Fri Jan 18, 2008 6:25 pm in Game Discussion
See for the NPC graphics cross-pollination bug. I'll have it licked in time for voxhumana.
Whatever they ask me to do. I'm on the team that comes up with the dates when you'll get your stuff. You know how the checkout page says your order will ship on July 3, 2009? That's us.

That is awe ...
Almost Voxhumana
by Bob the Hamster at Fri Jan 18, 2008 2:32 pm in Game Discussion
If you look at msw188's Tales II thread again and look at my screenshots, you might notice that Game for some reason loaded HIS walkabouts into MY game (when run without first quitting Game). Not sure ...
Try the voxhumana builds at: :)
Almost Voxhumana
by Bob the Hamster at Thu Jan 17, 2008 10:17 pm in Game Discussion
EDIT: obsoleted by Actual release!

Almost-final builds of the next version of the OHRRPGCE, Voxhumana are available in

As long as nobody finds anythi ...
Oh sorry. I'm trying to make an item like the smokebomb in FFIII (VI) that lets you escape a battle. The problem is that I would like this to be the ONLY way to escape a battle without killing all o ...
As he said, he was the seller. He didn't pay anyone.

Oh! I see. Silly me for not paying attention...

Then maybe the "Texas connection" is just a coincidence.

Really, it could be ...
Tales II
by Bob the Hamster at Thu Jan 17, 2008 9:17 pm in Game Discussion
By the way, after I played your game and quit it, and loaded my Terrible Game Review, THIS happened:

Ack! that definitely sounds like a bug!

What version of game.exe are you running?

data-mix ...
How do you think they could've gotten hold of my information like that though? I find that to be really strange, and no, I haven't seen any negative feedback about that particular buyer. I was the sel ...
The only thing that I can see with some sort of connection is I sold an item through Amazon to a person in Texas. They got their order five days ago, but they are forty miles away from where the accou ...
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