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That room looks great! I like the decorations and the art on the wall.

I think the windows will look better if the bottom sill is brighter than the wall instead of darker
"So sorry!" Mug mumbles, dropping the severed tail, and making another attempt to wipe his hands on his clothes. How could there be so much blood in the tail? Do manticores have their hearts ...
Y'all. this is a good show.

I can't wait for screenshots to start appearing. :D
By the time she brings down the letter, Mug is almost done hacking off the manticore's tail with his sword.

It's way more messy than he expected. Why is s there so much blood in the tail!? This is ...
"Could you write a note? It'll... put my Mum's mind at ease." Mug stammers, thinking about how maybe it could also get them partial payment from whoever posted the job.

After that, Mug st ...
Vorpal Florist

Just a little bit at a time :D
This does sound like a bug. Maybe the on death bequest attack is not triggering properly when the enemy dies from poison?

There is a battle debug key that prints out the attack queue that might be ...
The script debugger is saying that in the script "trunkmenu" there is an infinite "while" loop that has no wait commands in it.

If you can show us your current "trunkmenu&q ...
Those rocks are beautiful. I love them!

I suggest dropping other goals and just making the rocks wieldable as weapons
maybe I'm a raisin
by Bob the Hamster at Fri Mar 12, 2021 9:44 pm in General Discussion
can we get this thread stickied? best thread ever.

I think as a general rule of thumb, nobody will care what sprites you use for personal and learning projects, even if you post some of it here. It will vanish into the background noise of sprite memes ...
Okay, yikes, that was a bit worse than I expected.

I must revise and clarify my previous statement.

I can't under any circumstances be friends with anyone who spews hate. It doesn't matter to me ...
I truly enjoy reading your devlogs :D

If you could have seen the look on my face when I read

I made some ludicrous claim that calculating the moment of inertia of a weapon and making use of it ...
Don't worry about big lists of cases in a switch block, the performance of those is quite good. I have this in one of my scripts:

script, get monster create callback, id, begin
# Also creates it ...
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