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I don't know how quote works. But
Tmc said a bunch of things
First of all, nothing you said was inturpreted by me as negative. You've only presented me with opportunities and knowledge i can use to ...
Script, RunGame, Begin
# hit detection
if (keyBox) then (if (sliceContains (keyBox, heroBox)) then (ActivateKey))
if (doorBox) then (if & ...
wow. you guys have helped me out a lot already. thank you!

GIz - I stopped using status magic in that game for just that reason. very frustrating, even looking back all these years later.
Over 86 ...
I've always wanted to make a turn based strategy game. Recently i thought i would give it a go. But today when I sat down to write out some ideas I realized i haven't played many games like this. I've ...
Ill start us off.

Paladin Traducer
Lab Rat

PT - Im glad there wasn't a timer. It gave a more strategic gameplay which I enjoyed...After I figured out what to do. I've never ...
oh and you have to collect everything in the level now because making it optional made designing levels a pain.

but you can handle it

**just sat down to play my game before i go to bed. turns ou ...
Lab Rat
by BlurredVisionGames at Mon Jun 22, 2015 5:25 am in Games
**contest version**

Lab rat is a puzzle game where you place pieces on the board to try to navigate a rat to the exit. but first you got to collect all the cheese and the key.

simple puzzle game ...
I give up you guys. every thing i fix breaks something else. im just posting what i have.

If you take too many pieces back youll get a too many npc error. about (18 pieces)
try to use the back but ...
my game lab rat works like this.

you get certain pieces per level to place on the grid. you can select them from their icon on the right.
you can then rotate that piece how you want.
then drag th ...
I'm cutting it real close.

Do I need to post my entry Sunday at 1159 gmt time or 1159 my time in Phoenix arizona which is gmt-7?
Shooter Game Talk
by BlurredVisionGames at Thu Jun 18, 2015 5:27 am in Game Discussion
Easy after the first tower goes down? yeah space is your friend.
however if you travel to a corner (topright is easiest)and face center, then place the cursor immediatly in front of you, you ca ...
Lab Rat.
A puzzle game.

Crazy simple rules.
Estimated frustration level...6

Graphics are done. (Really, that's it.)
Code all day tomorrow. Fix my soon to be broken game on Friday. Build leve ...
I just noticed this was going on. Thats what I get for not paying attention. Wish I saw this a few days ago when I started Shooter Game.

Oh well. I'm in anyway. I would like to know if that extensi ...
Shooter Game Talk
by BlurredVisionGames at Wed Jun 17, 2015 1:38 pm in Game Discussion
windows 7.

i used the sdl native nightly version thing from 6-14. I dont know what the difference is.

It accepted the code just fine. but no sound or music. midi worked.
Now when it made the zi ...
Shooter Game Talk
by BlurredVisionGames at Wed Jun 17, 2015 10:41 am in Game Discussion
I couldnt get the sound to work. thats why "playsound" was in the main loop, i was trying to debug it. i gave up but forgot i had left that in there. sorry, that really must have been annoyi ...
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