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Hakei: What a missed opportunity to teach us morse code.
How did The Wobbler (who made Kaiju Big Battle, Walthros and much more) do that? He made very sharp difficulty selections, that seem to affect everything: Prizes, Heros, Enemys...
Hopefully he reads ...
True! That would work in general.
But: The hero is in my case actually needed to touch some other NPCs (represented by arrows or crosses for example), that trigger some scripts. That's not the profes ...
Well, things are very complicated. In this part of the game, the whole party is constantly reordered, because there are three teams out of four characters, which are represented by three NPCs (showing ...
So what I try to do is make the leading hero invisible on the map. There is no caterpillar party enabled. Changing the walkabout graphic with "set hero picture" to something empty makes the ...
Terrible! Still, the newer OHR versions do automatic backups every time you close Custom in a folder called "autobackups". Maybe a more current version is there?
Crazy Computer Competition
by Bird at Thu Mar 19, 2020 8:40 pm in Games
"Get a new PC."
Mine is fine. No!!!

With this attitude, you'll fail dramatically in this game. Either show that you have the best computer in town through flashy hardware, or let a ...
MIDI2BAM is a piece of art. Makes music visible as multicoloured space laser beams! Let's be honest, some input MIDI tracks really sound bad... but on others, the actual sound changes! Very few sound ...
My game is finished gameplaywise and shorter than expected... there is just some music missing. I know an organist, who has some orchestral MIDIs in stock, which will hopefully sound well as BAM too. ...
Oh! [url=]Witch2.rpg used it beautifully. Have a look.
Get a Windows 98 machine from the scrapyard. I'll make a short game about exactly that. By the way, does Dosbox really run well on new systems?
Entrepreneur Central
by Bird at Mon Feb 17, 2020 12:54 pm in Game Discussion
My scripts often melt TMC's brain. Probably best I don't post them here. :p
No... you are misinterpreting the situation... TMC uses your scripts as benchmarks. He really does!
Entrepreneur Central
by Bird at Mon Feb 10, 2020 10:22 am in Game Discussion
Dear Pepsi Ranger, could you give some example scripts, how your code looked before and after using fake arrays? We have to learn from your case.
OHRRPGCE stable release (Fufluns)
by Bird at Wed Jan 15, 2020 10:17 am in Front Page
What kind of computer is that? That is in fact called "Compaq Deskpro" with a P3 from 2001, not with the 400MHz Celeron from 1999 where the Windows 95 tests took place. But with the old moni ...
Yet another OHRRPGCE dev blog
by Bird at Wed Jan 15, 2020 1:00 am in Game Discussion
Sounds reasonable. But it has to be taken into consideration, that a locked hero in the reserve shouldn't be able to be equipped then. However a locked hero in the active party should be equipable. So ...
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