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Whew, that seems like quite the task.

So, to keep track of a slice collection outside of just one script you'll have to introduce it with a global variable as a handle:

global variable (id#, myc ...
Happy to see that you got out of your funk some time back and got back to it Surlaw! I saw some of the game recently and it's very charming. Nice work!
Oh... Well it's 8 frames per direction, so... didn't really have time haha.

Yeah, you can sprint any time after the shadow flash. I failed to explain that.
@Pepsi: Just to check: did you learn how to run / sprint?

If not, I think a replay would be a lot more fun Grin
That's a fair distinction I think. If an elusive game breaker were found, I'd maybe let it go if it were a really unlikely circumstance, but if it were a more common circumstance I'd probably want to ...
In my view, since Pepsi went to the trouble of telling us in the original contest post that we should set aside December for bug testing... Dec 31st was the cut off of all updates. He was generous eno ...
Here it is, Blood Ledger: HOTOHR Edition

Thank you so much to the playtesters!
Blood Ledger (HOTOHR Edition)
by ArtimusBena at Fri Jan 01, 2021 7:16 am in Games
For the HOTOHR contest.

Complete with a lot of cool features, training area, and story. It's probably a lot more than you expected. Enjoy! Smile

(EDIT: Please be aware that this is not being presen ...
Axe Cop
by ArtimusBena at Thu Dec 24, 2020 3:30 am in Game Discussion
She's hired, right? Get some merch going!
Soberly, I think I have to conclude that a game based on a fetish -- no shaming intended -- is rightfully destined for momentary fascination. Vikings isn't meant for that. It was never supposed to be ...
Secret Santa 2020
by ArtimusBena at Fri Dec 04, 2020 3:25 am in General Discussion
Let's do this. (I hope I get Spoon)
Pride is dangerous. But... there was a moment in childhood. We made marks on our chosen sticks and set them in a brook in Ashwood. The sticks would race, and we would follow them down, shouting the wh ...
by ArtimusBena at Wed Dec 02, 2020 4:20 am in Game Discussion
I might have timed the submission window to coincide better with HOTOHR.

Anyway, congrats Kyle! Enjoy your box of nonsense (did I coin that? pretty sure I coined that, where's my royalties)
I don't know where you learned English, but I keep saying I can't tell you what your tastes are.

Sounds like you get into a lot of conversations like this. *Could be a sign* Lol.
I told you Benny, I can't tell you what your tastes are.

What I *am* telling you, is you're being absolutely ridiculous. Why play games if you're not there for the game? Watch some porn, it'll tak ...
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