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Battle #111
Lv.35 Exp.00
Hp 56/280
Mp 25/25
CT: 106/100
Male Ninja
Brave 70  Faith 40
Punch ArtA-Ev0%
Blade GraspS-Ev0%
Martial ArtsA-M.Ev0%
Move +3S-M.Ev0%
Thief Hat
Black Costume
AT List
54:Ninjastyle (B)
54:Merovingian (G)
55:Mantra (C)
57:Deneb (E)
61:Junk (F)
62:Ninjastyle (B)
66:Mantra (C)
67:Tatoolo (D)
68:Deneb (E)
71:Ninjastyle (B)
77:Junk (F)
79:Ninjastyle (B)
79:Deneb (E)
82:Tatoolo (D)
87:Ninjastyle (B)
90:Deneb (E)
93:Junk (F)
96:Ninjastyle (B)
102:Deneb (E)
104:Ninjastyle (B)
104:Tatoolo (D)
Battle Log
0:Battle starts.
9:Ninjastyle (B) moves from O5 to A1.
9:Ninjastyle (B) uses Secret Fist on A2. Mandelbrot (A) is sentenced to death.
12:Mantra (C) moves from B4 to A3.
12:Mantra (C) uses Kiyomori. Mantra (C) is protected. Mantra (C) is shielded from magic. Merovingian (G) is protected. Merovingian (G) is shielded from magic. Maricela (H) is protected. Maricela (H) is shielded from magic.
12:Deneb (E) moves from O4 to N3.
12:Deneb (E) begins casting Haste 2, targeting O3.
12:Merovingian (G) moves from B3 to L2.
12:Merovingian (G) uses Carve Model on O3. Deneb (E) takes 42 damage. Deneb (E) is unaffected. Tatoolo (D) takes 70 damage. Tatoolo (D) is unaffected. Junk (F) takes 42 damage. Junk (F) is unaffected. Deneb (E) counters with geomancy.Deneb (E) uses Carve Model on L2. Merovingian (G) takes 10 damage. Merovingian (G) is unaffected. Junk (F) splits the damage with Merovingian (G).
12:Maricela (H) moves from A4 to J3.
12:Maricela (H) begins performing Nameless Dance.
13:Mandelbrot (A) moves from A2 to P2.
13:Mandelbrot (A) begins casting Death, targeting N3.
13:Tatoolo (D) moves from O3 to A5.
13:Tatoolo (D) uses Steal Heart on A3. Mantra (C) is charmed.
13:Junk (F) begins casting Golem, targeting Junk (F).
16:Deneb (E) uses Haste 2 on O3. Deneb (E) is hasted. Junk (F) is hasted.
16:Junk (F) uses Golem. Golem protects Junk (F)'s team.
17:Ninjastyle (B) moves from A1 to K3.
17:Ninjastyle (B) uses Secret Fist on J3. Maricela (H) is sentenced to death.
21:Deneb (E) moves from N3 to O5.
21:Deneb (E) begins casting Petrify, targeting P2.
21:Junk (F) moves from P3 to K2. Junk (F) recovers 42 Hp.
21:Junk (F) uses Secret Fist on L2. It misses Merovingian (G).
22:Maricela (H) performs Nameless Dance. Merovingian (G) is hasted. It misses Mantra (C). It misses Ninjastyle (B). Tatoolo (D) begins charging. It misses Deneb (E).
23:Mandelbrot (A) uses Death on N3. Nothing happens.
23:Mantra (C) moves from A3 to N3.
23:Mantra (C) begins casting Dispel Magic, targeting L2.
23:Merovingian (G) moves from L2 to N5.
23:Merovingian (G) attacks O5. Deneb (E) is shielded by Golem for 252 damage. Deneb (E) counters with geomancy.Deneb (E) uses Carve Model on N5. Merovingian (G) takes 10 damage. Merovingian (G) is petrified.
25:Mandelbrot (A) moves from P2 to O6.
25:Mandelbrot (A) begins casting Death, targeting O5.
25:Ninjastyle (B) moves from K3 to N4.
25:Tatoolo (D) moves from A5 to K3.
25:Tatoolo (D) uses Steal Accessry on J3. It misses Maricela (H).
26:Mantra (C) uses Dispel Magic on L2. It misses Maricela (H).
26:Deneb (E) uses Petrify on P2. Nothing happens.
28:Deneb (E) moves from O5 to P3.
28:Deneb (E) begins casting Haste 2, targeting N4.
29:Junk (F) moves from K2 to O5.
32:Deneb (E) uses Haste 2 on N4. Mantra (C) is hasted. Ninjastyle (B) is hasted. Mandelbrot (A) is hasted.
32:Maricela (H) performs Nameless Dance. Tatoolo (D) resists. It misses Mantra (C). It misses Deneb (E). It misses Ninjastyle (B). Junk (F) resists.
32:Ninjastyle (B) moves from N4 to N6.
33:Mantra (C) moves from N3 to O3.
33:Mantra (C) begins casting Blind, targeting P6.
34:Maricela (H) moves from J3 to N4.
34:Maricela (H) begins performing Nameless Dance.
35:Mandelbrot (A) uses Death on O5. Tatoolo (D) takes 317 damage. Tatoolo (D) dies! Mantra (C) takes 329 damage. Mantra (C) dies! It misses Deneb (E). It misses Junk (F). Ninjastyle (B) takes 280 damage. Ninjastyle (B) dies!
36:Junk (F) moves from O5 to M6.
36:Junk (F) uses Revive on N6. It misses Ninjastyle (B).
36:Mandelbrot (A) moves from O6 to P2.
36:Mandelbrot (A) begins casting Death, targeting P3.
36:Deneb (E) moves from P3 to M1.
36:Deneb (E) begins casting Petrify, targeting P2.
41:Deneb (E) uses Petrify on P2. Mandelbrot (A) is petrified.
44:Protect has faded from Merovingian (G).
44:Shell has faded from Merovingian (G).
44:Protect has faded from Maricela (H).
44:Shell has faded from Maricela (H).
44:Maricela (H) performs Nameless Dance. It misses Deneb (E). It misses Junk (F).
44:Ninjastyle (B) rots (2 rounds until death).
44:Mantra (C) rots (2 rounds until death).
44:Tatoolo (D) rots (2 rounds until death).
44:Deneb (E) moves from M1 to L3.
44:Deneb (E) begins casting Quick, targeting L3.
44:Junk (F) uses Revive on N6. Ninjastyle (B) is healed for 56 Hp. Ninjastyle (B) returns to life.
45:Maricela (H) moves from N4 to K2.
45:Maricela (H) begins performing Nameless Dance.
46:Deneb (E) uses Quick on L3. Deneb (E) is quickened. Junk (F) is quickened. It misses Ninjastyle (B).
46:Deneb (E) moves from L3 to L1.
46:Deneb (E) begins casting Petrify, targeting K2.
46:Junk (F) moves from M6 to J3.
46:Junk (F) uses Revive on K3. It misses Tatoolo (D).
46:Ninjastyle (B) moves from N6 to L3.
46:Ninjastyle (B) uses Revive on K3. Tatoolo (D) is healed for 77 Hp. Tatoolo (D) returns to life.
48:Haste has faded from Deneb (E).
48:Haste has faded from Junk (F).
50:Tatoolo (D) moves from K3 to L2.
50:Tatoolo (D) uses Steal Accessry on K2. It misses Maricela (H).
51:Deneb (E) uses Petrify on K2. Maricela (H) is petrified.
54:Haste has faded from Merovingian (G).
54:Current clocktick.
Battle Complete
Mogri wins the battle.
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