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Release v1.1: New maps, etc.4 Dec 2013 by Mogri
The "not as exciting as 1.0" release. Changes: Bervenia Volcano looks so sweet, you don't even know.
Release v1.0: Mega Tact goes beta29 Nov 2013 by Mogri

Today, after four years of sporadic development, Mega Tact receives its first major version bump and loses the letter a. Please indulge me for a minute while I tell a little story.

The history of Mega Tact has its roots in the GameFAQs forum for Final Fantasy Tactics. I've never been huge on the GameFAQs community, but I visited it occasionally in 2008, and in one particular discussion, I got the idea into my head that I could create an online, multiplayer interface for the game. Heck, it probably wouldn't take me more than a couple months of dedicated effort.

Well, there were a few roadbumps. The first one occurred when I accidentally deleted the entire codebase for Mega Tact. Almost none of it was recoverable, and I nearly gave up when that happened.

But I didn't, and eventually Mega Tact managed to find its way to the humble 0.1a release. For a few weeks after that, Mega Tact received heavy updates – mostly bugfixes – until it just... stopped. Maybe the players were tired of dealing with such an incredibly buggy product. Maybe the novelty had worn off. Maybe I was just tired. For one reason or another, interest in Mega Tact vanished. And so it remained for the next four years.

Mega Tact, ca. 2009
Mega Tact, ca. 2009

The rebirth of Mega Tact was indirectly a result of the death of Super Tact. Maybe Final Fantasy Tactics doesn't have the largest fanbase, but it has one of the most dedicated: there aren't many video games of this level of complexity that fans will play by hand. The difficulty of executing the game by hand is part of the motivation behind Mega Tact, and the Super Tact community was fairly supportive when I was developing Mega Tact in 2009. A month and a half ago, one of the members of the now-defunct Super Tact community resurfaced on Slime Salad and encouraged me to resume development. Kajitani-Eizan is responsible in large part for Mega Tact making it to this point, and his playtesting and bug reports have been invaluable.

A month and a half of dedicated effort accomplished what the four intervening years could not. That time was not completely wasted, though: I barely knew what I was doing when it came to web development four years ago. The Mega Tact of 2013 is a much more polished product than would have been possible for me in 2009, and the difference really shows.

Mega Tact, Nov 2013
Mega Tact, Nov 2013

Mega Tact is officially in beta now. The full changelist for this release follows.

Major bugfixes in 1.0: Thanks for reading, and enjoy the game!
Release v0.8a: The AI patch21 Nov 2013 by Mogri
Well, I didn't really plan on this, but Mega Tact now features a working AI opponent. I had to build it out to support Charm, and once it's already there, why not let you play with it? Here's the full feature list: Major bugfixes for this release: Please note that the AI does not currently use Math Skill. That gap will be addressed in the next release.
Release v0.7a13 Nov 2013 by Mogri
Today's release is a massive one, easily the biggest since Mega Tact v0.1a. Here's what's new: Major bugfixes:
Release v0.6a26 Oct 2013 by Mogri
Lots of goodies in this release. New features: Major bugs fixed: It is now generally safe to set all of your units to level 99. Have fun!