Ramble Planet
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Your spaceship has crashed on Badmark, a frontier planet and tourist hotspot. To escape, you must scour this hostile landscape for replacement parts while befriending or battling its strange denizens.

Ramble Planet is a complete game 12 months in the making. It is a scavenger hunt of great depth and scale.


*Free-roaming gameplay!
*A sprawling world!
*Many puzzles and secrets!
*3 playable races with unique agendas!
*Groovy original music!
*An illustrated instruction manual!

Contact me with questions, comments, or bug reports. Thanks for playing!

5/19/14) Version 1.1 released! This version has lots of new stuff and is a much more user friendly experience. New features include:

*Total number of Parts increased from 65 to 70.
*Implemented BEACON, BOOKLET, and DIAGRAM items.
*Alternate solutions provided to some puzzles.
*Numerous bug fixes.
*More secrets.

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