The Black Heart of Exile
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Something has gone awry on the colony ship Exile. A reactor meltdown flooded its decks with mutating radiation. Returning from a mission, you find Exile a freakish wilderness of killer lifeforms. Traverse its planet-sized zones and battle barbarian cults, hyper-intelligent fungi, flesh-rending nanite clouds, and the living dead. Only in Exile’s black heart will you discover the catastrophe's dark origin.


*Stylish monochromatic graphics
*Uniquely alien music
*A gritty post-apocalyptic world
*3 selectable classes: Robot, Android, Cyborg
*Character customization via flexible equipment system
*Strategic battles
*Highly interactive environments that reward exploration
*A scoring system
*More than 3 hours of game play

Read the included help file for important rules and hints.

I'd love to hear any feedback or bug reports. I'm especially interested in any comments on difficulty balancing. Thanks for playing!

11/25/11: Version 1.1 released. The entire game has been rebalanced with an emphasis on greater and more even challenge.

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Download (15.59 MB; downloaded 355 times)

Review by JSH357
Review by Spoonweaver

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