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Ramble Planet by Willy Elektrix

Ramble Planet is also available for free on Google Play and OUYA:



Ramble Planet also has an FAQ:


Your spaceship has crashed on Badmark, a frontier planet and tourist hotspot. To escape, you must scour this hostile landscape for replacement parts while befriending or battling its strange denizens.

Ramble Planet is a complete game 12 months in the making. It is a scavenger hunt of great depth and scale.


*Free-roaming gameplay!
*A sprawling world!
*Many puzzles and secrets!
*3 playable races with unique agendas!
*Groovy original music!
*An illustrated instruction manual!

Contact me with questions, comments, or bug reports. Thanks for playing!

5/19/14) Version 1.1 released! This version has lots of new stuff and is a much more user friendly...
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Motrya (Chapter Two) by JSH357

Motrya is an old-school RPG, similar to those from the Super Nintendo console, that chronicles Murlor's journey through a strange, but sometimes familiar fantasy world.

What if you were fixing to graduate from school, but had never actually done the work required? Murlor would know how you'd feel.

Murlor's story begins on the evening of his graduation from Yormus Academy, where students practice the art of Forlae, which you might call "Magic" in our world. That day, Murlor learns all about some dark, secret stuff, and when the unthinkable happens, his peaceful life at Yormus is thrown in to chaos. If you want to know the full story, you'll have to check the game out today!

You can download Motrya here now!
Android: Purchase Here
Also available on Ouya
This is the 50% version.

Changes from...
Most-downloaded Game

Darkmoor Dungeon by Mogri

Learn how to make your own games like Darkmoor Dungeon! Register here at Slime Salad and ask us how. It's easy and fun. Best of all, it's completely free!

Update 11-Sept-08: Documentation for our Brazilian friends
Update 18-Oct-07: Cosmetic stuff! The attacks all have graphics and sounds now. Aren't you happy?
Update 25-Nov-06: New palette (menus are now easier to navigate). Minor bugfixes. Some BAMs updated to MIDI.
Update 18-Nov-06: Safe2, Shell2 costs further reduced; some items fixed.
Update 07-Jan-05: 5 Hits weakened; Safe2, Shell2 and Big Guard MP costs reduced.

For the 2004 Human Day and Epic Marathon contests.

What is Darkmoor Dungeon? It is strategic RPG battling in the finest tradition of classic games such as the SNES...
Newest Game

The Pumpkin Warriors by Froginator

The Pumpkin Warriors is a (yet unfinished) game about pumpkins,some kids, a frog and a robot from the future beating up annoying creatures, eat burgers and punch evil aliens.
That sure is a good sounding game.
(Still uses music from Earthbound, Nintendo, and I'm currently working On my own music.)

Update!!! Saturday,10.11.14 (v. 0.0.3)

-Major bug fixes

-some new graphics

another Update! Monday,10.13.14 (v. 0.0.4)

-Map "Pumbelle Village" is bigger now

-More graphical advancements

Update!!! Again.... Tuesday, 10.14.14 (v.0.0.4)

-added Item Shovel!
(thanks to Spoonweaver for the help ;D)

-I promise the next update will reveal more of the story, and will include new enemys, more maps and maybe even the first "real" dungeon!

UPDATE!!! yay. Thursday, 10.23.14

-Graphical stuff (again)

-added story stuff
-NPC Marcus

-The frog (Drake) was replaced by Jannik, the
hobbieist engineer
(Drake will act as a Tutorial/less...

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